45-301 Opole, ul. Romana Horoszkiewicza 6/B105 „ Błękitna Wstęga”
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SONOMED – The Private Centre for Diagnostic Imaging was founded in 2003. It was and still is an innovative enterprise, as other institutions dealing with diagnostics function within the framework of hospitals or big medical clinics. We aimed at creating a highly specialized radiological and diagnostic centre, with the possibility of performing all ultrasound procedures including Doppler tests, CT and MR consultations, MMG and PET-CT interpretations.

Some minor invasive procedures like ultrasound monitored fine- needle biopsies are carried out here as well.


Scope services

Ultrasound tests

  • Abdomen
  • Pelvis
  • Genital tract
  • Prostate
  • Breasts
  • Scrotum

UDP tests

  • Carotid and spinal arteries
  • Intracranial arteries
  • Upper limbs arteries
  • Lower limbs arteries
  • Renal arteries
  • Portal system

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Prywatny Ośrodek Diagnostyki Ultrasonograficznej SONOMED

45-301 Opole

ul. Romana Horoszkiewicza 6

„ Błękitna Wstęga”

lokal B105

Tel. 883 75 75 51


Rejestracja telefoniczna: poniedziałek-piątek 8.00- 18.00

Ośrodek czynny: poniedziałek- piątek 8.00- 17.00