45-301 Opole, ul. Romana Horoszkiewicza 6/B105 „ Błękitna Wstęga”
About us

Pawel Rutecki MD- a radiologist.

Having graduated from the Military Medical Academy in Łodz, he completed the subsequent stages in his specialty training in the field of radiology and diagnostic imaging, participated in numerous professional courses and work placement projects in Poland and all over Europe. Focused mainly on ultrasound and Doppler diagnostics, he is a member of The Polish Society of Radiology (PLTR),The Polish Ultrasound Society (PTU), The European Federation of Societies for Ultrasound in Medicine ( EFSUMB ); a co-founder and owner of the Private Centre for Ultrasound Diagnostics in Opole. All the time mastering his professional skills and diagnostic competence, he takes part in The Ultrasound Trainer Project organised by The MIRO Company- the leader in ultrasound equipment trade .

We are equipped with up-to-date Aloka ProSound Alpha 7 Premium with a set of transducers which enable to carry out all possible examinations and ultrasound monitored fine- needle biopsies. All examinations are carried out according to existing standards, each of our patients is approached in an individual, comprehensible way, offered proper amount of time. The conclusions are discussed in a simple and intelligible way and the further information how to handle the medical problem is delivered. We are doing our best to minimalise the stress and discomfort naturally accompanying every medical examination.

We are performing the full range of ultrasound procedures, including Doppler blood vessels` tests and relatively rarely carried out UDP tests of e.g. superficial focal lesions, renal arteries, portal vein system, peripheral nerves also done in case of children. We process on professional work stations, read and interpret all possible diagnostic images (CT, MR, MMG, PET- CT) delivered in DICOM digital formats. We are in the very centre of the city and the building is adjusted for handicapped people.


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Prywatny Ośrodek Diagnostyki Ultrasonograficznej SONOMED

45-301 Opole

ul. Romana Horoszkiewicza 6

„ Błękitna Wstęga”

lokal B105

Tel. 883 75 75 51


Rejestracja telefoniczna: poniedziałek-piątek 8.00- 18.00

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